our story

SUPERFUSSY is a culmination of our love of travel and functionality.

Over the past few years, we have explored the hilltop pagodas of Myanmar, trekked the jungles of Borneo, swam the pristine beaches of Costa Rica, dived in the cenotes of Tulum and wandered into sacred temples in Bali, Thailand and Sri Lanka as part of our adventure together. All experiences that have shaped us as people, but more importantly fueled our desire to explore the world and indulge in its amazing offerings.

With our daughters Milla Rose and Loulou Rae as muses and inspiration, our goal is to share things we love that are timeless, functional and affordable on SUPERFUSSY. Sometimes directly from our travels, other times thru inspired learnings and explorations. We hope they all become a staple in your family's closet and your home. And a source of happy findings for your bohemian life.